Galleri Flach has the great pleasure to present a series of works by Micaela Cignozzi in the gallery’s new venue in the building of the Royal Academy of Arts in central Stockholm. Micaela Cognozzi graduated from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in the spring of 2018 where she studied various aspects of painting, light and colors.

The exhibition’s title, Any Time, Any Place, takes its starting point in a series of paintings in both larger and smaller formats. In a system of abstract geometric shapes, the artist uses different colors and denominations, either individually or interlaced in multiple layers within one and the same structure.The paintings contain a wide range of different color shades, from the most vibrant and transparent to surfaces that are dense and opaque.

The series ”Any Day Now” presents a number of paintings in a geometric pattern focusing on a single color. After a while we discover how the forms break into a multifaceted pattern. Just as in everyday life, we can recognize small subtle displacements and the ability of light to either enhance or tone down the intensity of a color. There is an interplay occurring that put the structure of the painting in motion. It may remind of the movement on a water surface or in foliage, the artist explains.

In a similar way we can detect the unexpected in the series ”Signs That Show No Name”. Colors are woven together in different shifting layers. Suddenly new constellations and irregularities emerge that awaken the interest and curiosity of the eye. In the works of Micaela Cignozzi, these small but significant discoveries of changes in the surroundings, are given their own territory.

Micaela Cignozzi is born in Stockholm in 1982 and educated at the Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg (2012 – 15) and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts (2015 -18). She has participated in solo and group exhibitions and is represented in both public and private collections. In 2018 she received a grant from Anna-Lisa Thomson Foundation.