Galleri Flach has the great pleasure to present Kristina Eldon’s photographic series ”Biographical Landscape” in our new gallery space in the building of the Royal Academy of Arts, forth floor, Stockholm. It consists of a series of photographs that are based on early childhood memories of light, colors and details from interiors; evoking memories that are still present as traces and remnants of the past as an inner landscape. In the photographs, curtains and draperies appear in saturated and molded colors, which create a strong tactile presence. They appear almost as an interface or a dividing line between an outer and an inner reality. We can imagine a space that both gently attracts us and holds us back.

In some of the images, color, light and shadows are so firmly joined that it is hard to distinguish if it’s really a photograph, or possibly a painting. The texture of the fabric folds in shapes of a rolling landscape, opens up in small gaps or shields off. The content of the image is at once sharply present and dreamy. We can imagine a story, but without any concrete beginning or end.

Kristina Eldon describes her photographs as a way to approach a metaphorical narrative, where the tools of photography are a means rather than an end in itself. The camera does not omit anything but does not make any choices or judgments either, she writes. It is an ”eye” that gives the artist a tool to shape the stories of her own sight, a sight filled with subjective and subtle interpretations of reality.

Kristina Eldon is born in Camberely, England, lives and works in Malmö. She is educated at Central Saint Martin in London. She recently had exhibitions at at Galleri Arnstedt in Östra Karup, Sweden, and Galleri Ping Pong in Malmö, Sweden.