Opening Saturday October 1 2011, 2 – 6 p.m.

Hillevi Berglund * Kristina J. Eldon * Leonard Forslund * Carl Hammoud * Maria Friberg * Maria Hedlund * Jan Håfström * Patric Larsson * Mikael Lundberg * Pontus Raud * Elisabeth Westerlund * Fredrik Wretman
There are many exhibitions about art and books, but it is usually a matter of so-called ”Artists’ books”. Although there is no established definition of this kind of book is still has a distinct history and context. This exhibition, entitled ”The book” is not about artists’ books, but about the book as the starting point for a work of art. How form, reading experiences and symbolic meanings are reflected in the work of art. It is also about how an artist through his or her art may perceive a different art form.
Together with twelve intriguing artists and their artworks we have had the privilege to explore the book as artistic expression. It includes a great variety of expression where all artworks in different ways are inspired by the book as form and idea. The participating artists have different background just as their work of arts come out of different contexts. Bringing them together in a joint exhibition and to reflect on the book as a point where the arts and artists meet, has been a fascinating task.


Reträtt II, Kristina J Eldon

Kristina J Eldon, Reträtt II, 2011, 94 x 123 cm. c-print