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Jorma Puranen: 2012

Sixteen Steps to Paradise #43, 2009

Galleri Flach are proud to present our third exhibition with the Finnish artist Jorma Puranen. The exhibition features works from three different series that reflect both his earlier and most recent works: Shadows, Reflections and All That Sort of Thing, Sixteen Steps to Paradise and a series of new images from the past year. Read more Jessica Faiss

Den ensammes rörelse
Jessica Faiss, Galleri Flach, tom 12/2 2012
Text: Susanna Slöör 

Jessica Faiss: “Solitude”

Galleri Flach has the pleasure to begin the year by showing new works of Jessica Faiss in the exhibition “Solitude”. It presents photography and video, based on motion and frozen moments in unpopulated areas and describes a state of travelling in a continuous, meditative movement. Read more

Ville Lenkkeri: “Dreams and Awakenings”

Sergey, 2007, Ville Lenkkeri

Galleri Flach is pleased to present photographs by Ville Lenkkeri in the exhibition “Dreams and Awakenings”. Two interwoven themes are presented in the exhibition, themes that Lenkkeri has developed and worked with in recent years, and that have been exhibited in various exhibitions around Europe.

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Bamako: Mohamed Camara and Mats Hjelm

Bamako: M. Camara and M. Hjelm, 2010

Galleri Flach+Thulin is pleased to present the exhibition Bamako: Mats Hjelm and Mohamed Camara.

Bamako, the capital of Mali is renowned for its fantastic music scene. We rarely hear about contemporary art and photography, even though it is here that Africa’s largest photography- and videobiennale is arranged every other year: Les Rencontres Africaines de la photographie. Here we are given an unsurpassed opportunity to get acquainted with artists and photographers from the whole African continent and to get an insight in a rich and comprehensive image world that is rarely seen in Northern Europe.

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Jorma Puranen: Icy Prospects

Icy Prospects #18, 2005. Jorma Puranen

Galleri Flach+Thulin has the great pleasure of presenting the work of the Finnish artist Jorma Puranen. The exhibition, comprising the photographic series Icy Prospects, Travels on canvas and the work Where compasses all go mad, opens on Saturday the 4th of October 2008. Read more

New Site/New Location, Group Show

New Site, New Location: Galleri Flach 2008

 Galleri Flach+Thulin, former Galleri Flach is delighted to open a gallery that content wise is both new and familiar. In a newly renovated space at Hälsingegatan 43, in the gallery district by Hudiksvallsgatan the gallery is now run by James Flach, Anna Thulin and Eva-Lotta Holm Flach, all with long experiences in the art business. With a focus on Swedish and international contemporary art the gallery will present seven to eight exhibitions a year, with both new and already established artists. Our ambition is to arouse the public’s curiosity and interest in contemporary arts great span and unpredictability presented in a new space. Read more