Opening Thursday August 25 2011, 4 – 8 p.m.
Galleri Flach is very pleased to present the exhibition ”Lite von Oben / Slightly von Oben” by the artist Patrick Nilsson. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Stockholm since 2008, when the acclaimed exhibition ”You do not have to be a weather girl to see where the wind is blowing” was shown at Mia Sundberg Galleri.
Patrick Nilsson’s drawings and imagery communicates directly. Although the images sometimes have conflicting perspectives, we are immediately drawn into a tale that puts our mind in motion. There is something playful in these drawings, which like comic strips is easy to unravel. But what the story tells is rarely anything but playful. With precision and an underlying sense of humour the artist often portrays male figures in their vulnerability to both their own and others’ darker sides. It is as if the artist is examining how different forms of violent roles can take shape and emerge at the surface of a sheet of paper, as architecture or as nature.
The precise and sharp contours of the drawings can be recognized from earlier works and are all about contrasts, contradictions and conflicts. Different structures of images are beautifully intertwined, creating a double sensation of two- and three dimensions. Facades are depicted as if they were folded out like flat wallpaper, the next moment we see a sky with clouds that create volume and unexpected forms.


In a series of drawings of trees and forests there are no people, but the human presence is still apparent. The trees are arranged in well-ordered rows, as in a structured landscape. Whether this exhibition is about reconciliation or opposition between nature and culture is unspoken. But by the artist’s perspective, ”a little von Oben” we are given the opportunity to ask questions in both directions.


Patrick Nilsson has in recent years recieved a grant from IASPIS/ISCP in New York (2008/09) and participated in various exhibitions, most recently in ”Painterly Delight” at the Art Centre Silkeborg, Denmark.