Galleri Flach are proud to inaugurate the fall season with Patric Larsson’s new exhibition TRIP. It presents a series of new paintings and video works that revolve around the existential conditions of a journey. The paintings depict brief moments of different moods and emotional states in a kind of classic ”road-movie” spirit. Patric Larsson reflects upon the human urge to travel and from where it stems.. What are we actually seeking in the experience of a place?


The artist himself refers to the sensation of displacement that arises in the encounter with the new and unknown. The trip creates an inner space where we can experience ourselves anew, and help us to take a rest from ourselves for a while.

Patric Larsson also presents for the first time a series of short video works that function as a sort of comments and complementary observations to the paintings. They are full of Larsson’s thoughtful and northern humor that we recognize from his many magnificent drawings in which lines and words are interwoven in subtle systems.


The works of Patric Larsson contain an apparent simplicity emanating from everyday realities but which end up in new contexts. The paintings, which in recent years have become increasingly prominent in place of the drawings that previously were in focus, depict sceneries from daily life but often interwoven in a surrealistic imagery. With an unerring sense of ”matter-of-fact,” the works of Larsson’s capture the astonishment in the ordinary existence.


Patric Larsson’s last exhibition at Galleri Flach was in 2010. He has in recent years worked with a large public commission in Västra Götaland, Sweden.