Galleri Flach+Thulin, former Galleri Flach is delighted to open a gallery that content wise is both new and familiar. In a newly renovated space at Hälsingegatan 43, in the gallery district by Hudiksvallsgatan the gallery is now run by James Flach, Anna Thulin and Eva-Lotta Holm Flach, all with long experiences in the art business. With a focus on Swedish and international contemporary art the gallery will present seven to eight exhibitions a year, with both new and already established artists. Our ambition is to arouse the public’s curiosity and interest in contemporary arts great span and unpredictability presented in a new space.

We start the autumn season with a group show with young Swedish artists, followed by Jorma Puranens new dramatic photographic works of winter landscapes – Icy Prospects – and we conclude the season with Richard Sollman’s new works/objects, works in the border line between painting and sculpture. News about our exhibitions can always be found at our web site We are also pleased that Galleri Andersson Sandström is our closest neighbour, as they start the season with opening a Stockholm branch of their Umeå-based gallery.

The first exhibition is a group show featuring the art of the following artists: Andreas Eriksson, Lena Johansson, Michael Johansson, Monika Marklinger and Jesper Nyrén. Five artists whose works are chosen for their poignancy and distinctiveness and at the same time complement each other through different expressions and techniques.

Andreas Eriksson has gained international attention in recent years, and he works with painting, sculpture and photography that are united in architecturally interesting spatial relations. He will show painting and photography, based on nature-motifs, which are connected in diptychs and triptychs, united like bricks as if sharing the same construction.

Lena Johansson works with painting, where she through her unusually precise and thoughtful technique chisels out the motifs creating a mystic, sometimes almost illusive realism. In this exhibition she shows three paintings that together create an inner structure and form a kind of enigmatic story.

Michael Johansson works with different techniques but always with a precise and meticulous outer form. There are obvious references to minimalism, but one also thinks of assemblages and ready-mades in the way the different objects and materials are brought together. In this exhibition he shows one sculpture and two photographic works where the various work methods are clearly displayed.

Monika Marklinger intertwines visual and political questions in swarmed collages and installations that are rich in detail. In this exhibition she continues her research of the mechanisms of globalization in the video work Struggle for a global soul (part 2) and also in the almost encyclopaedic suite Reactionary times.

Jesper Nyréns work is occupied with paintings physical and linguistic possibilities. With an imagery that is influenced by constructivism and minimalism he explores paintings different formal aspects. The paintings are as much constructions for staging painterly difficulties as they are challenges forming experiences and ideas.