Galleri Flach has the pleasure to begin the year by showing new works of Jessica Faiss in the exhibition ”Solitude”. It presents photography and video, based on motion and frozen moments in unpopulated areas and describes a state of travelling in a continuous, meditative movement.

The movement is a recurrent theme in Jessica Faiss’ works. She describes it as a way to capture a sense of vulnerability and loneliness but also of peace and liberation. It’s about to face oneself in an existential condition in which suggestive and repetitive movements through landscapes or futuristic urban environments creates conditions for such a meeting to take place.

Although the artist works in several different techniques the imagery is held together by a visual purity and reduction. Thus emerges a natural dialogue between the different expressions – video, photography, collage and painting – which highlights different perspectives on a ground state. The images in the videos are alternately seductive and disturbing that attract and hold the viewer’s gaze and perception. It is a visual language that refers more to painterly qualities than to narrative and narration, which is even more prominent in the photographs. The exhibition includes videos and light boxes in which photographic images lead into a mist in a subtle balance between figurative and abstract image qualities.

Jessica Faiss was born in Switzerland, educated at Konstfack in Stockholm and since then participated in a series of exhibitions in Sweden and internationally.