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Interview with artist Kristoffer Nilson in “”

Straight line fever

We talk to the artist Kristoffer Nilson. A painter that works in the field of conceptual minimalism and despite the serious character of his work has a charming and expressive personality.


Why did you become an artist?

Well I dont know really but I remember that when I was a kid when we lived in Stockholm, my grandmother took care of me during the days and she was an artist working with pottery. We spent the time in her studio and she showed me how to do sculptures in clay and kept me busy, it was a wonderful time. I guess it was there everything started.

Then my brothers and I moved to the US with my mother who had separated from my dad, we lived in Santa Monica, CA and Boulder, CO where I continued to make art all the way trough school.

I was getting into the american youthculture a bit too much so my mother had to send me back to Stockholm to stay with my father. He put me in restaurant school where he was a principal.

I had a possible career in the restaurant trade where I worked for a while but I hated it. My goal was to get into art school so I started with two years at Pernbys artschool which is a preparatory arteducation in Stockholm. I then applied to Konstfack and KKH-Mejan in Stockholm. After applying a couple of times I got into Konstfack-University College of Arts, Crafts and Design….to be continued on the website: