Galleri Flach is pleased to present the exhibition Wanderer by Hillevi Berglund. It consists of a series of new objects and drawings in which the artist continues to investigate the intersection of words, images and objects.
The title refers to one of the pieces of the same name, as well as to the Greek word πλαν?της – planet – which means wanderer in Greek. The spherical shape, the earth, is one of the exhibitions several themes, themes which we have previously encountered in the artist’s imagery.
Hillevi Berglund’s work is characterized by a interesting interplay of image, and form. Words shape themselves into images, which in turn shapes itself to an object. In a series of beautiful reliefs and sculptures, she among other things uses old reference books that she cuts up and puts together in new constellations. They are soaked with India ink which the elderly and thin sheets of paper easily absorb. The reliefs shimmers of gold and color, while the sheets are reshaped, become brittle and unreadable through the liquid, which in turn creates new structures in an almost literal meeting between word and image.
The boundary between visual artists and writers are often remarkably sharp. Most of them work either in one or the other tradition. In the works of Hillevi Berglund, the objects and images area closely connected to the titles and the meaning of words and together they create a meaningful whole.
There are titles like ”The artist’s tears” or ”Third world” which may sound banal, but in this context and in the encounter with the objects give the works a more extended as well as a more specific meaning. We meet, among other things, collages of art historical paintings, included in hemispherical glass pieces, scattered on the floor, like frozen tears. A Western art history in pieces? Words and images work together in an unexpected way in where Hillevi Berglund with great artistic focus and small shifts points to a context in both time and space.
Hillevi Berglund is currently working on the public commission: ”Dreams Lake” at ÄLVSJÖ, on behalf of the City of Stockholm.