Galleri Flach is proud to present a series of new paintings, drawings and sculptures of the artist Hillevi Berglund in the exhibition “Out of doors”. Berglund’s artistic practice exudes freedom and explores many different styles and techniques. The exhibition presents one such multifaceted collection of imagery that is so characteristic of Berglund’s works. The ambiguous title refers to environments both within and outside the home; a home to have or be without, to live in or escape from.

In large paintings, house-like structures appear in a natural setting that resembles a sparse birch glade. Her imagery also features sketches of folded paper. A series of small watercolours captures buildings and the classical landscape in the spirit of the Renaissance artist Giorgione. The landscape is encircled by a sketched frame that picks up the shifting colours in the middle of the picture. Among these works is also a series of sculptures in the shape of buildings. They are cube-like, architectonically basic and made out of rock such as dolerite, quartzite and porphyry.

The encounter between words, images and shapes in Berglund’s art is also characterised by a fascination for how craftsmanship can bind things together. The meticulous composition of these works exudes a presence of hand and thought. This dual presence, that of the thought and the hand, makes her art shine with simple complexity, accessibility and contemplation.

Hillevi Berglund, born in 1967, lives and works in Stockholm. She studied at Gerlesborgsskolan (1990-94) and at the Royal Institute of Art (1995-2000) in Stockholm. She is represented in private collections, in the collections of the Public Art Agency Sweden, the City of Stockholm Art Council (Stockholms Konstråd) and the Stockholm County Council. In 2014, the public art work “Drömmarnas sjö” (Lake of Dreams) was unveiled in Älvsjö Centrum, Stockholm.