Henrik Samuelsson (born 1960 in Ramsele, Sweden) is a Swedish painter who has attracted considerable attention in Sweden and internationally for his magnificent and architectural paintings in the intersection between magical realism and surrealism. In his works, the vision is captured as in a movement between dream and reality, in shifts between day and night and in transitions between nature and architecture, as in the acclaimed series Stega (2005) and Frozen Orbit (2018). At Market Art Fair 2022, Henrik Samuelsson presents a series of new paintings – ”Elswhere” – in which he focuses on some of the basic elements that form the very core of his work. His imagery takes place in a dynamic field of tensions between symmetry and asymmetry, surface, and depth. Henrik Samuelsson describes the architecture of the paintings as a kind of disguise or a costume of recognition, but which is really about the abstract content of the image and the foundations of different planes and geometries. It is a allusive world of images where spaciousness emerges in a feeling of fate-saturated infinity. In the unspoken centre of the paintings, the viewer enters as if on a stage facing an architecture in full expansion and introspection.

Henrik Samuelsson has a master’s degree from the Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm (1985 – 90). Among his recent exhibitions is ”Ré-ouverture” at Galerie Laurent Godin in Paris (2020) and the large-scale series ”Frozen Orbit” which was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris (2018). Henrik Samuelsson has exhibited extensively in Sweden, France and the rest of Europe. His works are represented in collections such as Moderna Museet (Sweden), Fondation Colas (France), Fonds National d’Art Contemporain (France), Scheringa Museum voor Realisme, Spanbroek, (Netherlands).