Frozen Orbit is a series of eleven paintings executed in between 2012-2017. The whole series shows a time course of eleven minutes, where each painting marks one minute; 4: 1 a.m., 4: 2 a.m. 4:3 a.m and so on in a state of mind between dream and alertness.

Each image defines its own territory while simultaneously reflecting the entirety of the series. Through the paintings runs a playful correspondence between a frosty landscape and remnants of architecture, a recurring sky and passing clouds – sceneries that are interlinked by seemingly random parallels and idiosyncratic symmetries. White moon / black moon, exterior / interior, awakening / sleep

The shades of color in Frozen Orbit are reduced to four tones: a subdued white that refers to the physical and literally world: a clearer white, brilliant and intangible, for the atmosphere and the moon: a bluish tone where a bright light evokes the textures of the surface: finally a black tone where the falling darkness dissolves what was just recently revealed in the light and merges new visions.

Like a distant echo from Stega –  a previous series of paintings in the same format and number – Frozen Orbit also refers to the northern landscape in which the artist grew up. There are places rendered in different stages of desolation and decay; views of vigilance and observation during silence. A nature, once present and wild, now haunted by mythologized captivators.


Frozen Orbit takes placee on the second floor in the Royal Academy of Arts, August 23 – September 30, 2018.

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Galleri Flach, Stockholm and Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris.