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Julia Selin, WRONG PATH

WRONG PATH is the title of Julia Selin’s second solo exhibition, which we are delighted to show at Galleri Flach in May/June 2017. It includes a number of new works that both capture and develop the themes that Julia Selin has established in her art.


In the paintings of Julia Selin there is a strong sense of expressiveness and density that instantly make sense. The paint has a concrete and tangible presence that the artist develops in both abstract and imaginative patterns. As an observer, we are drawn into the canvas through painterly gestures that continually provide for new discoveries. The paintings thus emerge with a concentrated energy and induce an experience of extraordinary presence in different degrees of intensity.


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Lars Olof Loeld/Jakob Solgren

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Det är med stor glädje som vi visar arbeten av konstnärerna Lars Olof Loeld och Jakob Solgren i den gemensamma utställningen Endast betraktad ros är som ros betraktad. Den har uppstått genom en dialog mellan två konstnärer om vardagens inneboende magi. Genom skenbart enkla former närmar sig båda existentiella upplevelser som egentligen bara låter sig beskrivas som en känsla. Hur gestaltar man en sådan, hur gör man känslan synlig genom ett språk?

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Johanna Fjaestad: The Night’s Lowest Temperature

We have the great pleasure to inaugurate the season with Johanna Fjaestad’s solo exhibition “The Night’s lowest Temperature”. It contains a number of paintings and a group of sculptures that emerge in a shimmering light. As the title suggests, the exhibition is permeated by a dreamy and yet alert state of mind, as when seeing the light that breaks the darkness an early morning.


The paintings of Johanna Fjaestad exude ease although they are mainly based on oil, applied with great sensitivity. The motives emerge through layers of light brush strokes, recalling a feeling of a momentary state between dream and reality. To us Nordic people, the motives partially derive from a seemingly exotic context, such as vegetation and animals in a jungle-like nature. They describe a longing to get far away and to be part of a different context, both physically and mentally. Yet, there is nothing flattering about  Johanna Fjaestad’s imagery. The depiction is rather about an internal, existential journey than adventurous discoveries in a foreign environment.

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Hans Hammarskiold, Seen from the Other Side/ Sett från andra sidan

Claes Oldenburg, 1966, Hans Hammarskiold

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Galleri Flach has the great pleasure to present an exhibition by the photographer Hans Hammarskiöld, one of Sweden’s most prominent photographers. The exhibition’s main theme focus on images in connection to Hammarskiöld’s many collaborations with some of his time’s greatest artists such as Claes Oldenburg, Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle. These collaborations were an important part of his life, creativity and curiosity to continuously develop new forms of perception. The exhibition presents both portraits and snapshots of moment that captures these creative and artistic processes. Hammarskiöld was himself just as much an artist as a photographer in his approach to his surroundings.

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Henrik Samuelsson

Galleri Flach proudly presents Henrik Samuelsson’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, entitled “Ashes”. As the title indicates, the exhibition relates to ideas regarding transience and to a state of mind of silence and calm – an extension of quietude in time and space.


The architecture and formal composition of the paintings generate a strong sense of presence in the exhibition, emphasised by an underlying structure of vertical and horizontal lines. Their interaction creates a space that surrounds and captivates the viewer. The paintings deal not only with shifting perspectives, but also with the inner light that emerges in the subtle gradation of colour, as in a painting by Piero della Francesca. In the grand architecture of the images, one can also detect an underlying form reminiscent of a cross. Its purpose, however, is not to demonstrate the religious idea of a divine presence, but to create a framework, a spatiality, permeated by silence and contemplation.


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Tom Cullberg Pauliina Pietilä


Galleri Flach has the great pleasure to start off the autumn by presenting two artists; Tom Cullberg and Pauliina Pietilä. Painting as an artistic medium is central for both of them, but apart from that, their other settings are quite different. Tom Cullberg is born in Sweden but educated, living and working in Cape Town, South Africa since many years. Pauliina Pietilä grew up in Finland, but living and working in Sweden after her education at the Malmö Art Academy. Different circumstances create different stories but somehow the threads often tend to cross. Nevertheless, at this occasion, the essential is not to seek artistic overlaps or possible parallels between the artists. It is rather a question of encountering two artists with different directions and starting points, and to be attentive to what is embedded in their different narratives.

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Monika Marklinger: Signs of a Savage


Galleri Flach has the great pleasure to present Signs of a Savage, a new exhibition by Monika Marklinger. The exhibition is based on Paul Gauguin’s depictions of Tahiti, a place Marklinger herself visited and explored by means of Gauguin’s travel journal Noa Noa. The viewer encounters a rich variety of smaller photographs and a number of paintings where images and text are interwoven in a dialogue with Gauguin’s imagery and anthropological observations. The material forms a complex visual contemplation on the relationship between image, reality and cultural self-understanding.


In many of her previous installations, Monika Marklinger has thoroughly examined the multitude of letters, words and images and how they are mixed together in urban environments. Local expressions and advertisements from multinational companies are blended together in a multifaceted visual tapestry of different layers. Images and text are often confronted in large-scale paintings in a rich contrast of colours and shapes. In Signs of a Savage the juxtaposition of images and text is also a major theme. Every painting in the exhibition departs from a quotation in Gauguin’s own writings, a method of working which is similar to Gauguin’s own. To clarify the cultural context Gauguin often wrote titles directly on his Tahiti paintings, as a form of references.

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Andreas Johansson at Market Art Fair, april 22 – 24, 2016

What did you see, 2016, Andreas Johansson

At Market 2016 Galleri Flach will present the site-specific installation ”Void” by the artist Andreas Johansson.


Andreas Johansson has long worked with collages where he cuts apart photographs and then builds up new environments, reminiscent of places we all recognize. As a young skateboard rider in Växjö, he was drawn to industrial and desolated places, which in his imagination could just as well have been an abandoned legendary skateboarding arena in the Arizona desert. That feeling of escape and daydreaming are captured in his collages. The artist portrays places, with a careful and skilful craftsmanship, that could be found just as much on the North American continent, as in a small Swedish town.

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Jessica Faiss, “Timeline”

Stay, 2016, detail, Jessica Faiss

We have the great pleasure to present Jessica Faiss’ second solo exhibition, Timeline, at Galleri Flach. It includes a number of large paintings and a video work, based on a landscape in motion. The title of the exhibition is linked to one of the paintings that appear like a long sequence in motion along the room. The painting moves through a landscape and shifts in both character and intensity, as life itself on a timeline.


The works of Jessica Faiss often focus on motions and on existential conditions that are often evoked by travelling through a landscape. During the travel the landscape may alter from forest into an open terrain, villages become suburbs, which in turn grow into large cities. This state of transition is a recurrent theme that the artist has worked on in different environments, reflecting both on external and internal movements and conditions.

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Lisa D Manner: “Whereabouts”


Galleri Flach has the great pleasure to introduce a series of new paintings by Lisa D Manner in the exhibition Whereabouts. It includes 16 works that are based on the dreamlike environments, which have become a recurrent theme in the works of Lisa D Manner. To confront these images is to experience a world that is breathtakingly beautiful, unpredictable and dense of fateful emotions.

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Lieven Hendriks: “Daybreak”

Lieven Hendriks Blue vase

Galleri Flach has the great pleasure to open the season with a presentation of the Dutch artist Lieven Hendriks. The exhibition “Daybreak” contains a collection of works that deals with painting and its inexhaustible possibilities to disguise reality.

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Jorma Puranen: Surfaces and Scenes Beyond


Galleri Flach is proud to present a series of new works by Jorma Puranen in the exhibition Surfaces and Scenens Beyond. The exhibition shows a number of photographs engaged in the story of light and reflections that for many years have been at the core of Jorma Puranen’s works.

Since the early 90s Jorma Puranen has worked with photography, exploring and visualizing themes as history, knowledge, landscape and nature. The images possess a strong visual brilliance and communicate aspects of history, past and present time. By interfering with reflections of light and shadows between the viewer and the subject, as in the series Shadows, Reflections and all that kind of Things, and Icy Prospects, the viewer encounters a thrilling and beautiful journey through historical oil portraits and landscapes. Puranen’s method of working with light and reflections creates a quality similar to a double exposure, as being in two places simultaneously.

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1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair: Mohamed Camara

Mes collines, Mohamed Camara

As a young football player in Bamako, Mohamed Camara came in contact with the photography by a coincidence. It turned out that he had a very special ability and talent to see and highlight details and situations in every day’s life. Using a simple technique, he took pictures with a small pocket camera in close relationship to his surroundings, conveying situations and moods in a very personal way. His first series of photographs Chambres Maliennes attracted much attention for their sensitive and poetic expressions. They were shown among other places at the Biennale The Bamako Encounters (2003) and at Tate Modern in London (2004). Since then, his photographs have been shown worldwide in many different contexts.

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Beyond Oblivion


Galleri Flach has the great pleasure to present Beyond Oblivion, an exhibition curated by Carl Fredrik Hårleman which includes six artists; Johanna Fjaestad, Eva Lange, Disa Rytt, Gabriela Spilsbury, Kjell Strandqvist and André Talborn.


Beyond Oblivion is an exhibition about an encounter between artists of different generations, but whose works relate and communicate with each other. It thus raises the question of how we perceive our history and artistic heritage. An artist is hopefully active for a long time and will be considered through different artistic phases and modes. New ideas come and go, some will disappear while others seem eternal and recur constantly. The exhibition brings together artists who grew up and were trained in different periods but whose works still have much in common.

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Patric Larsson: TRIP

A moment, 2015, Patric Larsson

Galleri Flach are proud to inaugurate the fall season with Patric Larsson’s new exhibition TRIP. It presents a series of new paintings and video works that revolve around the existential conditions of a journey. The paintings depict brief moments of different moods and emotional states in a kind of classic “road-movie” spirit. Patric Larsson reflects upon the human urge to travel and from where it stems.. What are we actually seeking in the experience of a place?


The artist himself refers to the sensation of displacement that arises in the encounter with the new and unknown. The trip creates an inner space where we can experience ourselves anew, and help us to take a rest from ourselves for a while.

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Johan Furåker: Life of Leisure

A sphinx like a star, 2015, Johan Furaker

Galleri Flach has the honour to end the season with the exhibition Life of Leisure, a series of new paintings by Johan Furåker. It presents a number of works that revolve around the mythical life of Luisa Casati, a female “dandy” who lived an extravagant and decadent life in 20th century Italy. Furåker continues his effort to explore classic surroundings and eccentric personalities in condensed paintings that evoke new life into dormant, historical stories.


Already as a student at Malmö Art Academy (2005 – 2009), Johan Furåker started to portray unusual stories and contexts. Over the years, the gallery of portraits has evolved, referring to an interesting blend of people and environments, directly or indirectly linked to each other. Luisa Casati was the muse and mistress of the poet Gabriele d’Annunzio, the main figure in the exhibition A Poet in Need of an Empire, which was shown at Galleri Ping Pong, 2014. Both exhibitions tell about people who lived out their eccentric fantasies and beliefs about life in the borderland between dream and reality. Casati expressed that she wanted her life to be like “a work of art”, long before Andy Warhol had the same thought.

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Ville Lenkkeri: Existence Doubtful

Galleri Flach har den stora glädjen att presentera utställningen Existence Doubtful, en serie nya och tankeväckande fotografier av Ville Lenkkeri. Utställningen handlar till det yttre om två resor: först till Antarktis, sedan till de sydligaste delarna av Chile och Argentina, ett område som också kallas Eldslandet. Men egentligen handlar fotografierna om en inre resa i ovisshetens dunkel och om ett möte med det mytomspunna. I fotografierna utforskar Lenkkeri bland annat den karga men vackra miljön där Yaghan-indianerna – en gång i tiden jordens allra sydligaste invånare – levde nakna trots det utmanande klimatet. Idag finns det en enda person som fortfarande talar deras språk; ett språk med en högst tveksam närvaro och existens.

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Fredrik Wretman: Lost & Found

Hunter, 2014

In Lost & found, Fredrik Wretman has created a world reminiscent of an archaeological excavation site. It is a place with a fertile interplay between present, past and future, that fires the imagination. A large number and variety of bronze figurines, having seemingly emerged from a distant past, take on the form of futuristic aliens, youths in classical Greek contrapposto, Hindu deities and the occasional ordinary creature. Different narratives, cultures and histories mingle uninhibitedly. Read more

Patrick Nilsson: Dead Bastards

Galleri Flach has the great pleasure to inaugurate the spring program with the exhibition “Dead Bastards” by Patrick Nilsson. It is also the title of a grand series of gouaches that previously has been exposed at the Gothenburg Museum of Art in 2013, and now for the first time is on show in a gallery exhibition in Stockholm. It also includes two brand new works; the series Shutter, drawings in dry pastel and the surreal sculpture Life (See you later devastator).

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Hillevi Berglund: Utom hus / Out of doors

Strandvagen, 2014, Hillevi Berglund

Galleri Flach is proud to present a series of new paintings, drawings and sculptures of the artist Hillevi Berglund in the exhibition “Out of doors”. Berglund’s artistic practice exudes freedom and explores many different styles and techniques. The exhibition presents one such multifaceted collection of imagery that is so characteristic of Berglund’s works. The ambiguous title refers to environments both within and outside the home; a home to have or be without, to live in or escape from. Read more

Sergio Santimano: “Horizons”

Para onde corre Mocambique? Niassa Orintal II 2012, 2014, Sergio Santimano


Galleri Flach has the great honour to present a series of new photographs by Sergio Santimano in the exhibition “Horizons”. The series includes some 25 photographs that describe environments and contexts originating in two countries between which Santimano has moved in twenty-five years, Sweden and Mozambique. The concept of the exhibition has evolved in collaboration with the artist Katarina Eismann.


Sergio Santimano is born and raised in current Maputo, Mozambique, where he began working as a photojournalist in the early 1980s. At that time he started an extensive documentation of the new nation that emerged after the independence from Portugal in 1975. He followed his generation, the joy and human misery of the civil war that broke out in the country during decolonization, both for domestic and international press. At the end of the war in 1992, a new phase in Mozambican history began which Santimano has continuously followed through his photographs.

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Julia Selin, “Soft ground” (Marken sviktar)

Installation view

Galleri Flach are proud to inaugurate the fall season with Julia Selin’s first solo exhibition at the gallery – Marken sviktar (Soft ground). It presents a series of paintings in both large and small format that allude to surroundings in nature, a theme the artist has explored since her studies at Umeå Art Academy.


Julia Selin’s work places itself in an abstract and expressive painterly tradition that has not been specifically prominent in contemporary art in recent years. The subject matter of the paintings have evolved from various natural phenomena such as the directions of a pouring rain, the sensation of moss underneath the feet or the reflections on the dark water surface. As a viewer one encounters paintings that are full of intensity and balance, and in which there is an interesting interference between structures and layers of dark earthy colours and a light that shines through. After a moment’s contemplation of the abstract composition, different themes appear reminiscent of Nordic primeval forests and swamps. The paintings express a sensual experience in which the beholder can almost sense the smell of the moist and fragrant biotope. Read more

Galleri Flach at LOOP FAIR, Barcelona. Solo: Stefan Constantinescu

Galleri Flach at LOOP FAIR, Barcelona 2014. Solo presentation: Stefan Constantinescu

Pauliina Pietilä

Hipster, 2014, Pauliina Pietilä

We have the great pleasure to present Pauliina Pietilä’s first solo exhibition at Galleri Flach. It contains six new paintings, all based on an overall theme of creating a suggestive atmosphere trough a special light. In the paintings of Pauliina Pietilä, the light from shop interiors, residential houses and various sources in urban environments that emerge at dusk or at night, has always played an important role. Even as a child, growing up in Ilmajoki in Finland, where the darkness dominated the surroundings most of the year, she was fascinated by the bright spots in the landscape that became especially prominent travelling by car in the darkness among the area’s scattered villages and small communities.

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Galleri Flach at Market Art Fair, Stockholm

Frozen Orbit 4:01 a.m, 2013, Henrik Samuelsson

Galleri Flach at Market Art Fair, Stockholm. Represented artists: Henrik Samuelsson, Lina Selander, Julia Selin, Rickard Sollman,

Andreas Johansson, Place Position


Galleri Flach has the great pleasure to present Andreas Johansson’s installation Place Position.

The installation depicts a fascinating landscape of a deserted and abandoned environment in the seemingly empty gallery room. Andreas Johansson has long explored rugged environments and desolated landscapes at the border of urban and rural areas through illusory and three-dimensional representations. These are made in a very meticulous collage technique in which the artist cuts up photographs that are then joined together in new, familiar and yet fictional environments. The result is a puzzling experience of watching an authentic and yet illusory context, as if being somewhere very close and at the same time anywhere in the world. In these devastated areas there is a sense of youthful restlessness, as if searching for excitement at the border of what is permitted and forbidden.

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Jan Svenungsson, The Secret Paintings

Painting #12, 2011, Jan Svenungsson

Galleri Flach has the great pleasure of presenting a series of recent paintings by Jan Svenungsson.


With his title – The Secret Paintings – Jan Svenungsson alludes to an artistic process that he has pursued in the privacy of his own studio. Over a couple of years, a new painterly approach has unfolded, and this is the first time it is presented in an exhibition. Based on his drawings of chimneys, which have long been one of Svenungsson’s key motifs, a new attitude and way of representing the subject matter has emerged. The focus now is on colours and uncovered surfaces, unexplored spaces and constellations of shapes.


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Kiripi Katembo Siku: Mutation

Mutation, 2013, Kiripi Katembo

Galleri Flach has the great honour to inaugurate 2014 with the exhibition ”Mutation” of the artist Kiripi Katembo Seku. It is a series of photographies taken in the artist’s hometown Congo Kinshasa, showing a bustling urban centre with a focus on both everyday details and abstract structures. In the photographies the beholder follows the street life with market stalls, laundry tubs and washing lines from a bird’s eye perspective. Umbrellas, fruit stands, and clothing in strong, clear and contrasting colors are mixed with the streets’ and the buildings’ shifting colors in brown and gray. Read more

Fjaestad och Raud

Go Public, 2013, Pontus Raud

Galleri Flach har den stora glädjen att som höstens sista utställningar visa två konstnärer – Johanna Fjaestad och Pontus Raud – i två separata presentationer. Det handlar om två olika konstnärskap som båda arbetar med ett gestaltande måleri men utifrån helt skilda positioner och förhållningssätt.

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Jessica Faiss: winner of the Moving Image Award, London 2013

Jessica Fiass: winner of the Moving Image Award, London 2013

Galleri Flach at Moving Image, London, 2013

Rewind, 2011, Jessica Faiss

Galleri Flach at Moving Image 2013. Solo presentation: Jessica Faiss.

Karin Ohlin: Det seende som svindlas (Swindled Seeing)

Spegelobjekt VII, Karin Ohlin

We are proud to present Swindled Seeing, Karin Ohlin’s first solo exhibition at Galleri Flach. Since graduating from the Royal Institute of Art in 1995, Karin Ohlin has created art in condensed formats, producing a body of work that has won recognition on the Swedish art scene on the strength of its poetic, multifaceted reductions.

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Jesper Nyrén, Unfold

Folds 14, 2013, Jesper Nyrén

Galleri Flach is proud to inaugurate the fall season by launching Jesper Nyrén’s second solo exhibition Unfold at Galleri Flach. The exhibition includes a number of new paintings in three different series, which expand the abstract patterns that we already got to know in Nyréns subtle artistry.

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Henrik Samuelsson, Frozen Orbit + Tattoed Dream Barns Revisited

Frozen Orbit 4:02 a.m, 2013, Henrik Samuelsson

For the first time, Galleri Flach has the pleasure of showing paintings by Henrik Samuelsson in the exhibition Frozen Orbit + Tattooed Dream Barns Revisited. The exhibition comprises works from two different series, of which one was previously featured by the curator Jan Åman for one day at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm in 2012. This is the first time these paintings are shown in a larger context, highlighting new, intriguing aspects of Henrik Samuelsson’s multifaceted oeuvre.


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Huvudsaken är att man försöker, 2012, Anna Lidbjörk

Curator: Carl Fredrik Hårleman



Galleri Flach har den stora glädjen att visa grupputställning Döden som sover, curerad av Carl Fredrik Hårleman. I utställningen deltar sex konstnärer: Zardasht Faraj, Jan Håfström, Anna Lidbjörk, Tommy Persson, Julia Selin och Helena Wallberg, huvudsakligen en ung generation konstnärer som är födda på 1980-talet och som nyligen har eller ska utexamineras från olika konsthögskolor i Sverige. I utställningen ingår också ett verk av Jan Håfström, Hotell Eden från 1986, som både innehållsligt och formellt griper in i utställningen. Det är ett verk som också utgör en tidsmarkör för ett decennium som var fyllt av språkliga och filosofiska strider. Verket visades även i utställningen ”Döden” 1991, också den curerad av Carl Fredrik Hårleman och tidskriften Material, en tidskrift som blev ett viktigt språkrör för de konstnärliga och filosofiska diskussioner som initierats under 80-talet.

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Mikael Lundberg: Ansiktets Schakt

37, video still, 2013

Galleri Flach har den stora glädjen att presentera Mikael Lundbergs utställning Ansiktets schakt. Utställningen innefattar fyra nya arbeten som på olika sätt beskriver självbilder och betraktelser av den egna personen genom olika visuella representationer och perspektiv.


Mikael Lundberg har allt sedan han gick ut Konstfack 1985 arbetat med att konstnärligt utforska aspekter av tid, rörelse och minnen i en rad olika sammanhang. I centrum för sina frågeställningar har han alltid placerat sig själv, och därefter låtit den utforskande rörelsen gå i allt vidare cirklar. I välkända verk som Lifetimer (1995) och Lifeline (2004) har han visualiserat sin egen uppskattade tid kvar i livet genom ett digitalt urverk, samt sitt eget rörelseschema via en gps-mottagare. Hans utforskande arbetsmetod har inneburit att han kontinuerligt sökt sig till nya tekniker och nya möjliga presentationer.

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Rickard Sollman: Total Zero

Total Zero, 2013, exhibition view, Rickard Sollman

I Drömtydning skriver Sigmund Freud att den medvetne konstnären, till skillnad från drömmaren, befinner sig i ett varaktigt extatiskt tillstånd. Rickard Sollmans utställning Total Zero kan på många sätt läsas som en dröm där betydelserna långsamt, steg för steg, friläggs för betraktaren. Det utvidgade medvetande som ”undandragandet av förståndets vakter” ger upphov till intar gallerirummet, och det omedvetna språket har med måleriets tekniker skapat en ny linjär berättelse. Read more

Johan Furåker: Paradisus Terrestris

Hadrian´s Villa, 2012, Johan Furåker

Paradisus Terrestris


In the suite of paintings that he is now showing under the title Paradisus Terrestris – the earthly paradise – Johan Furåker focuses on Italian gardens from Antiquity and the Renaissance. The garden tradition displays a powerful urge to use greenery, gravel, architecture and water to recreate the world spatially, as a microcosm that gathers within it all of a culture’s mythologies, including its myths of paradise.

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Fredrik Wretman: Lost Wax

\"Kill your darlings\", 2012, Fredrik Wretman

Galleri Flach has the pleasure of hosting the exhibition Lost Wax with the artist Fredrik Wretman, nearly ten years after his last exhibition at the gallery, “Minitrans” in 2003, when the gallery was still on Skeppargatan in Stockholm. Since then, Fredrik Wretman has been engaged in a constant flow of public and private commissions, for galleries, museums and other art spaces. He is now showing a completely new series of sculptures – a number of multifaceted, playful bronzes – highlighting yet another dimension of an already rich and diverse oeuvre. Read more

Galleri Flach at Art Copenhagen 2012

14 – 16 september, booth #54, Forum Copenhagen

Kiripi Katembo, Thoralf Knobloch, Ville Lenkkeri, Patrick Nilsson, Jesper Nyrén, Pauliina Pietilä, Fredrik Wretman

Thoralf Knobloch: 2012

Hanksville Inn, 2012

We have the great pleasure of presenting a series of paintings by the German artist Thoralf Knobloch for the first time at Galleri Flach.

Thoralf Knobloch belongs to an interesting and successful generation of artists that studied at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden in the beginning of the 90s. He has, together with other internationally acclaimed artists such as Eberhard Havekost, Frank Nitsche and Thomas Scheibitz, developed a unique, and characteristic way of painting that in a strong and simultaneously scaled down way mediate a mystical and visually seductive imagery.

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Mohamed Camara and Kiripi Katembo Siku: Le regard et les souvenirs

Ça me manque, mes anciens souvenirs, 2010. Mohamed Camara

Galleri Flach is proud to present the artists Mohamed Camara and Kiripi Katembo in the exhibition titled Le Regard et les souvenirs. It comprises two photographic series, Le Regard by Kiripi Katembo and Les souvenirs by Mohamed Camara, who in different ways describe everyday urban life in the African cities Kinshasa and Bamako.
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Jorma Puranen: 2012

Sixteen Steps to Paradise #43, 2009

Galleri Flach are proud to present our third exhibition with the Finnish artist Jorma Puranen. The exhibition features works from three different series that reflect both his earlier and most recent works: Shadows, Reflections and All That Sort of Thing, Sixteen Steps to Paradise and a series of new images from the past year. Read more

Andreas Johansson: From Where the Sun Now Stands

From where the sun now stands, 2011, Andreas Johansson

Galleri Flach are proud to present Andreas Johansson’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, “From Where the Sun Now Stands.”
The exhibition features a series of pop-up books with six pages, depicting a desolated and mythic environment. In the book appears a vacant lot from different perspectives, a place at the outskirt of society that is often visited by skateboard riders or people from the margins. In small fascinating miniature landscapes, we can study an environment where people spend time on their own terms or enter a free zone in an otherwise all too transparent and structured urban environment. Read more

Jessica Faiss: “Solitude”

Galleri Flach has the pleasure to begin the year by showing new works of Jessica Faiss in the exhibition “Solitude”. It presents photography and video, based on motion and frozen moments in unpopulated areas and describes a state of travelling in a continuous, meditative movement. Read more

LG Lundberg: Nya målningar

Längesen II, 2009, LG Lundberg

November 10 – December 18, 2011

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The Book

Reträtt II, Kristina J Eldon

Opening Saturday October 1 2011, 2 – 6 p.m.

Hillevi Berglund * Kristina J. Eldon * Leonard Forslund * Carl Hammoud * Maria Friberg * Maria Hedlund * Jan Håfström * Patric Larsson * Mikael Lundberg * Pontus Raud * Elisabeth Westerlund * Fredrik Wretman Read more

Galleri Flach at Art Copenhagen

Booth #67
Artists: Kristina Bength, Hillevi Berglund, Johan Furåker, Andreas Johansson, Jesper Nyrén, Fredrik Wretman

Patrick Nilsson: “Lite von Oben / Slightly von Oben”

Paved Paradise, 2011, Patrick Nilsson

Opening Thursday August 25 2011, 4 – 8 p.m.
Galleri Flach is very pleased to present the exhibition “Lite von Oben / Slightly von Oben” by the artist Patrick Nilsson. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Stockholm since 2008, when the acclaimed exhibition “You do not have to be a weather girl to see where the wind is blowing” was shown at Mia Sundberg Galleri. Read more

Hillevi Berglund: “Vandrare”

Minnet, 2011, Hillevi Berglund

Galleri Flach is pleased to present the exhibition Wanderer by Hillevi Berglund. It consists of a series of new objects and drawings in which the artist continues to investigate the intersection of words, images and objects. Read more

Aida Al Tamimi: “2009-09-26″

2009-09-26, 2011, Aida Al Tamimi

Galleri Flach is pleased to present an exhibition by Aida Al-Tamimi. The exhibition is curated by Sara Walker.

Aida Al-Tamimi’s painting is based on documented events. In this exhibition it is about painting that includes a variety of shifts, where one image becomes many images, and these parts are “re-painted”, and repeated. In the largest room in the gallery a new series of paintings are presented. These paintings connect to the repetitive and to memory. It is a snapshot that has been divided, and has become disconnected painterly comments. The big motif, and the entirety have become fragments. The new work bears the title: “2009-09-26”, a date out of many dates. At this particular day a picture were taken, and it is this picture that is recreated, and altered. Read more

Ville Lenkkeri: “Dreams and Awakenings”

Sergey, 2007, Ville Lenkkeri

Galleri Flach is pleased to present photographs by Ville Lenkkeri in the exhibition “Dreams and Awakenings”. Two interwoven themes are presented in the exhibition, themes that Lenkkeri has developed and worked with in recent years, and that have been exhibited in various exhibitions around Europe.

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Kristina Bength: “Amanda Kristina Pedersen’s Physiognomical Inquiries”

Amanda Kristina Pedersen’s Physiognomical Inquiries, 2011, Kristina Bength

Galleri Flach has the pleasure to present Amanda Kristina Pedersen’s Physiognomical Inquiries, the second solo show by Kristina Bength at the gallery. Amanda Kristina Pedersen’s Physiognomical Inquiries is also interpreted by the writer and essayist Vendela Fredricson in texts and a recorded reading. Read more

Thorbjørn Sørensen: exhibition 2010

Installation view, Thorbjørn Sørensen, Galleri Flach, 2010

Galleri Flach is pleased to present a series of new paintings by the Norwegian artist Thorbjørn Sørensen. This is his fourth exhibition at the gallery, and he has also been one of the participants at the Carnegie Art Award, 2008.

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Through the Eye: Jessica Faiss, Mikael Lundberg, Karin Ohlin

\"Through the Eye\", Galleri Flach, 2010



Galleri Flach+Thulin har den stora glädjen att visa tre av galleriets nya konstnärer; Jessica Faiss, Mikael Lundberg och Karin Ohlin i utställningen “Genom ögat”. Utställningen handlar om ett möte mellan de tre konstnärerna och lyfter fram en upplevelse som berör själva ögonblicket – ett slags fruset tillstånd, koncentrerat eller i rörelse.

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Johan Furåker: A Quest to Eliminate Self

Transitory, 2010, Johan Furåker

Who was Albert Dadas?

This is a question Johan Furåker asked himself, and began to investigate an unusual personality. In painting after painting, the artist has re-created places Albert Dadas might have visited; a man who lived at the end of the 1800s and suffered from a condition which was diagnosed as ‘Pathological tourism’, a compulsive need to go to foreign locations. Johan Furåker followed in his footsteps and the result of this exciting research trip is now presented in his first solo exhibition at Galleri Flach+Thulin.

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Patric Larsson: exhibition 2010

Installation view, Galleri Flach 2010, Patric Larsson

Galleri Flach+Thulin har glädjen att presentera nya arbeten av Patric Larsson, vars storskaliga teckningar med utgångspunkt i linjer, prickar, ord och meningar har rönt stor uppmärksamhet genom åren. Read more

Kristoffer Nilson: “2010″

\"2010\", 2010, Kristoffer Nilson

Galleri Flach+Thulin is pleased to present new works by Kristoffer Nilson in the exhibition 2010. It consists of three develops the earlier themes that the artist have worked with: invisible structures in everyday life. – It is about an aesthetic detective work, says Kristoffer Nilson. Read more

Kristoffer Akselbo and Andreas Johansson

Kristoffer Akselbo and Andreas Johansson, 2010





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Bamako: Mohamed Camara and Mats Hjelm

Bamako: M. Camara and M. Hjelm, 2010

Galleri Flach+Thulin is pleased to present the exhibition Bamako: Mats Hjelm and Mohamed Camara.

Bamako, the capital of Mali is renowned for its fantastic music scene. We rarely hear about contemporary art and photography, even though it is here that Africa’s largest photography- and videobiennale is arranged every other year: Les Rencontres Africaines de la photographie. Here we are given an unsurpassed opportunity to get acquainted with artists and photographers from the whole African continent and to get an insight in a rich and comprehensive image world that is rarely seen in Northern Europe.

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Jesper Nyrén 2009

Installation view: Jespler Nyrén, Galleri Flach 2009

Galleri Flach+Thulin har den stora glädjen att visa sin första separatutställning med Jesper Nyrén. Allt sedan sin studietid på Konsthögskolan i Stockholm (2002-07) har Jesper Nyrén hängivet studerat måleriet och dess mångfasetterade historia. På ett eget och högst personligt sätt har han under tiden utvecklat ett mångbottnat måleri som på en gång visar intressanta kopplingar till konsthistoriska referenser och nya strategier inom det samtida måleriet.

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Foto, foto, foto, foto




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Jan Svenungsson: “Psycho-Mapping Europe version 2.0″

Installation view, Galleri Flach+Thulin, 2009





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Niamh O’Malley, 2009

Installation view, Galleri Flach 2009





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Kristina Bength: “Skiftningar inuti bilden av ett namn”

Installation view; Galleri Flach, 2009





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LG Lundberg: Landskap medmera

Installation view; LG Lundberg Galleri Flach, 2009





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Twan Janssen: Hallelujah

Installation view, Twan Janssen, Galleri Flach 2009





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Rickard Sollman: 2008

Rickard Sollman: Installation veiw Galleri Flach+Thulin, 2008

Att möta Rickard Sollmans verk är alltid förknippat med en stark rumslig upplevelse som bottnar i en noga uttänkt arkitektur och ett minutiöst väldefinierat måleri. På ett både storslaget och sparsmakat vis placerar Rickard Sollman sina målningar och objekt i rummet med största möjliga fokus på relation och balans. Han plockar sönder och sätter samman måleriska, skulpturala och arkitektoniska objekt. Det är en strävan som är lika påtaglig i varje målnings inre geometri, som i den övergripande helheten verken emellan. Read more

Jorma Puranen: Icy Prospects

Icy Prospects #18, 2005. Jorma Puranen

Galleri Flach+Thulin has the great pleasure of presenting the work of the Finnish artist Jorma Puranen. The exhibition, comprising the photographic series Icy Prospects, Travels on canvas and the work Where compasses all go mad, opens on Saturday the 4th of October 2008. Read more

New Site/New Location, Group Show

New Site, New Location: Galleri Flach 2008

 Galleri Flach+Thulin, former Galleri Flach is delighted to open a gallery that content wise is both new and familiar. In a newly renovated space at Hälsingegatan 43, in the gallery district by Hudiksvallsgatan the gallery is now run by James Flach, Anna Thulin and Eva-Lotta Holm Flach, all with long experiences in the art business. With a focus on Swedish and international contemporary art the gallery will present seven to eight exhibitions a year, with both new and already established artists. Our ambition is to arouse the public’s curiosity and interest in contemporary arts great span and unpredictability presented in a new space. Read more