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Johan Furåker: Life of Leisure

A sphinx like a star, 2015, Johan Furaker

Galleri Flach has the honour to end the season with the exhibition Life of Leisure, a series of new paintings by Johan Furåker. It presents a number of works that revolve around the mythical life of Luisa Casati, a female “dandy” who lived an extravagant and decadent life in 20th century Italy. Furåker continues his effort to explore classic surroundings and eccentric personalities in condensed paintings that evoke new life into dormant, historical stories.


Already as a student at Malmö Art Academy (2005 – 2009), Johan Furåker started to portray unusual stories and contexts. Over the years, the gallery of portraits has evolved, referring to an interesting blend of people and environments, directly or indirectly linked to each other. Luisa Casati was the muse and mistress of the poet Gabriele d’Annunzio, the main figure in the exhibition A Poet in Need of an Empire, which was shown at Galleri Ping Pong, 2014. Both exhibitions tell about people who lived out their eccentric fantasies and beliefs about life in the borderland between dream and reality. Casati expressed that she wanted her life to be like “a work of art”, long before Andy Warhol had the same thought.

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Johan Furåker: Paradisus Terrestris

Hadrian´s Villa, 2012, Johan Furåker

Paradisus Terrestris


In the suite of paintings that he is now showing under the title Paradisus Terrestris – the earthly paradise – Johan Furåker focuses on Italian gardens from Antiquity and the Renaissance. The garden tradition displays a powerful urge to use greenery, gravel, architecture and water to recreate the world spatially, as a microcosm that gathers within it all of a culture’s mythologies, including its myths of paradise.

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Johan Furåker: A Quest to Eliminate Self

Transitory, 2010, Johan Furåker

Who was Albert Dadas?

This is a question Johan Furåker asked himself, and began to investigate an unusual personality. In painting after painting, the artist has re-created places Albert Dadas might have visited; a man who lived at the end of the 1800s and suffered from a condition which was diagnosed as ‘Pathological tourism’, a compulsive need to go to foreign locations. Johan Furåker followed in his footsteps and the result of this exciting research trip is now presented in his first solo exhibition at Galleri Flach+Thulin.

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