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Archive for Hillevi Berglund

Hillevi Berglund: Utom hus / Out of doors

Strandvagen, 2014, Hillevi Berglund

Galleri Flach is proud to present a series of new paintings, drawings and sculptures of the artist Hillevi Berglund in the exhibition “Out of doors”. Berglund’s artistic practice exudes freedom and explores many different styles and techniques. The exhibition presents one such multifaceted collection of imagery that is so characteristic of Berglund’s works. The ambiguous title refers to environments both within and outside the home; a home to have or be without, to live in or escape from. Read more

The Book

Reträtt II, Kristina J Eldon

Opening Saturday October 1 2011, 2 – 6 p.m.

Hillevi Berglund * Kristina J. Eldon * Leonard Forslund * Carl Hammoud * Maria Friberg * Maria Hedlund * Jan Håfström * Patric Larsson * Mikael Lundberg * Pontus Raud * Elisabeth Westerlund * Fredrik Wretman Read more

Hillevi Berglund: “Vandrare”

Minnet, 2011, Hillevi Berglund

Galleri Flach is pleased to present the exhibition Wanderer by Hillevi Berglund. It consists of a series of new objects and drawings in which the artist continues to investigate the intersection of words, images and objects. Read more