At Market 2016 Galleri Flach will present the site-specific installation ”Void” by the artist Andreas Johansson.


Andreas Johansson has long worked with collages where he cuts apart photographs and then builds up new environments, reminiscent of places we all recognize. As a young skateboard rider in Växjö, he was drawn to industrial and desolated places, which in his imagination could just as well have been an abandoned legendary skateboarding arena in the Arizona desert. That feeling of escape and daydreaming are captured in his collages. The artist portrays places, with a careful and skilful craftsmanship, that could be found just as much on the North American continent, as in a small Swedish town.

At Market 2016 Andreas Johansson constructs a fictional environment, using cut apart photographs from his own environment in Malmö, creating a corner of a vacant lot. The installation consists of a fence, which partially prevents the visitor to enter the booth. Through the fence, the viewer will see an environment of a tree and shrubs.


“Void” presents a piece of a no man’s land, like those one finds under bridges or in between buildings in urban environments. These kind of urban “oases” are now increasingly shielded by fences in order to prevent people to enter and settle down. The installation is congenial to the urban environment in which Market 2016 will take place.


Andreas Johansson graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2006. He has since then received much attention for his skilful collages, pop-up books and installations. He has been granted scholarships at IASPIS international programme and has recently had a solo exhibition at Bildmuséet, Umeå in 2014. His
works are in public and private collections in USA, Canada and Europe.