Galleri Flach is pleased to present an exhibition by Aida Al-Tamimi. The exhibition is curated by Sara Walker.

Aida Al-Tamimi’s painting is based on documented events. In this exhibition it is about painting that includes a variety of shifts, where one image becomes many images, and these parts are “re-painted”, and repeated. In the largest room in the gallery a new series of paintings are presented. These paintings connect to the repetitive and to memory. It is a snapshot that has been divided, and has become disconnected painterly comments. The big motif, and the entirety have become fragments. The new work bears the title: “2009-09-26”, a date out of many dates. At this particular day a picture were taken, and it is this picture that is recreated, and altered.

In the inner room Aida Al-Tamimi’s work has gone through yet another shift. In this room Sara Walker has created her own interpretation of Al-Tamimi’s images. Pictures from the series “Sidorovo” are included in this room. In “Sidorovo”, Aida Al-Tamimi worked with describing memories from a place. These paintings are now a part of a new mythology.

Working with the exhibition has been about the experience of another person’s memories. The inner room features Sara Walkers idea of Aida Al-Tamimi’s painting. Sidorovo is a village that Al-Tamimi has visited, but that Sara Walker has only visited through Al-Tamimi’s paintings. It is an exploration of the picture as something general. The room contains a repetition of a past situation. In the larger room it is about a conserved everyday, where the repetitiveness is important.

In the archive of memory one room is about a re-creation of a day, and the inner room is about re-creating another persons memory of a place. All is fiction, and all is in the past. Al-Tamimi portrays seemingly personal moments, moments that become collective memories. Even when the smaller parts are joined together, the big picture becomes impossible. How does the repeated motifs relate to each other? Al-Tamimi describes memories that move both backwards and forward. The retakes make each part something independent.

Aida Al-Tamimi was born in Moscow in 1979, and now lives and works in Stockholm. She graduated from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm 2010.